Stephen& Michelle in Golden Spoon (A/C!) at CTCJanelle& me! Haha, a "candid" shot of Johnson& me that Jean took Oh, that Johnson :)Monika& Nathan laughing together :DMY BEAUTIFUL CORSAGE!!!!
Haha, Johnson driving Beren-o.Adil& Gail loadingClarissa, Eric, Robert,& DanielleKacie, JDo, Shanny, Jean,& WilsonRachel, Lily,& Erica HAHA Fobby Hojin! He's so adorable!Ann& Stephen looking quite glamorous!
TABLE ONE... CHYEAHHH first in line for buffet ;D! Nicole& Paris #1!!! (see 5 rows down, last picture)JDo, Shanny, EricaJDo, Shanny, Erica, LilyErica& LilyErica=model Quan=hot + David
Nicole looking really sexy :D Jdo, Shanny, Erica SKANKY LITTLE <3S CLUB: Jean, JVan, meTable 2Lily looks romantic in candlelight, eh?
the following row of pictures were taken by Erica :D
The most awesomest couple there :DThe model& myselfJohnson's laughing at my stupid face, I know it...Jean& meMichelle& meHaha, Johnson, Erica,& meErica& me overlooking the waterWe look like rich folk :D
Gail& Adil on the top deck!JDo, Jean,& Shannon taking a pic JDo, Jean, Shannon,& meBrian& Diana! Mwahah!Rachel& me!Diana& me! I look so dang dumb
AHHH COOL PIC (btw, that is Erin& her b/f) Long Beach HarborLong Beach HarborLong Beach Harbor lightsLong Beach Harbor lights
THE absolute hottest couple there, besides Johnson + me, of course ;) Johnson missed, haha!Darshan& me!!!Jean& Wilson taken on Jean's camRyan, Mattie,& Kathryn dancingHOW CUTEParis& Nicole #2!
Johnson& me :D Ben, AK, Stephen, AdrianJill& meJill's dress was so pretty!
Jean's hair was BEAUTIFUL! Their limo, sorry it was darkShirley, Kacie,& Alice acting weird at Jean's house
still waiting on Mr. Chen's pictures to be uploaded! Check back later (: